Addiction is a life lived elsewhere.
Please Come Home. 

A BuddhistApproach
to Addiction and Recovery
with Lama Losang 
and Bill Alexander

8/1 - 8/3

Here's the third retreat at Karma Tryiana Dharmachakra Monastery, just outsdide of Woodstock, New York, led by yours truly and Lama Losang, my dear friend and teacher and a fully ordained Tibetan Buddhist Lama in the Kagyu lineage. 

This is revolutionary stuff. We look at addiction, including the pervasive addiction to the egoic operating system, the small self, that is, through the eyes of both eastern and western psychology, religious practices, with a healthy dose of seeing the role of the body, nutrition, blocked energy flow and t'ai chi practice. 

Addiction(s) and the end of addiction(s); Suffering and the roots of suffering. 

Lama Losang ( David Bole ) Bill Alexander 

Addictions are not the result of our suffering. Addictions are the suffering itself. Buddha said that his teachings had just one taste: the taste of freedom from suffering and attachment. This program is designed for people who want to combine a Buddhist approach to living without suffering in the midst of suffering, with the power of the twelve steps. 

Cost of the teaching: $120/96 members.
Accommodation and meals are available.
Preregistration and deposit required.
* 2 Scholarships available. Learn more 

Karma Triyana Dharmachakra 
335 Mead Mountain Road
Woodstock, New York
845 679 5906

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Bill Alexander


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